Thank you very much. This is an unreal experience, it's a memory for a whole life, it was very cool and fun. We love you madly and expect you to visit Moscow. You make people happy, and it's priceless.

Sometimes it happens, as in a fairy tale, to meet a fairy


You know, it happens, as in a fairy tale, to meet a fairy who magically turns everything into a beautiful and creates a miracle.

They didn't cease to surprise us


I am delighted with the talent of @weddingingeorgia team, which helped to plan the wedding in the shortest time and brought everything to perfection. They did not cease to surprise us, they understood us from the floor of the word and were faithful advisors to these difficult days for the newlyweds. Thank you for your professionalism, individual approach and care. We love you and look forward to your visit.

Everything was as imagined in my head by my fantasy


I can say one thing by my own experience: do not be afraid to take risks. When we turned to "Love with an accent", I doubted for any reason. But as for several months of working together and one day spent together, people can become so close ❤️ I have always been told that weddings are compromises, trifles that have forgotten, failed or failed to do. No. In our event, there was not a single compromise, everything was as imagined in my head. Pleasant, kind, sympathetic, you, @weddingingeorgia, made our day unforgettable!

You made our dream come true


Thank you once again the greatest for these amazing days. You have fulfilled our dream!

You are a super team of professionals, whom we were lucky to meet!


Zhenyochek, I want to say a million thanks to you! You are a super team of professionals, whom we were lucky to meet! I so rarely write something, but it just could not ... You are so cool people feel, it's incredibly difficult. All your advice, recommendations, it's all about us! We are happy and love you!

It was really cool


Thank you very much, it was super! Many thanks! It was really cool !! Many thanks for Yana, it's wonderful, just incredible !! Only today, her hair had to be disassembled, otherwise the mice would start))) make-up, even lipstick, kept until the next day))! Hairstyle two)) !!!


When I was preparing for the wedding, and I had a million unsolved questions, everyone around me said: "Do it for yourself, it's your wedding." So, now I know for sure - this is lies. It is impossible to do something "for yourself" by inviting any person, except yourself. For yourself - it's together. If more than two people - this is not for yourself. A holiday is for all who come to it. It's honest. And there is nothing wrong with this) Especially when the puzzle is folded.
In my head in some incomprehensible way, as soon as I began to organize all this, my dear friends and relatives turned into capricious enemies who could not please, but it was necessary to please. This is some strange substitution, I do not know why it occurs in the brain throughout the organization. But in reality, thank God, it's the opposite. All these beloved and beautiful people are the best that can be at a holiday. And moreover, as soon as they get together, the holiday is somehow generated inside, and nothing else matters) Everything simply turns into some unlimited happiness.
Thank you that you are. I suggest repeating every fall.

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